Unlocking the History of Locket Necklaces: 5 Style Trends You Need to Know

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How It All Started: A Brief History of Locket Necklaces

The picture necklace with <strong> tag was first popularized in the 16th century. Back then, lockets were worn as a way to keep keepsakes or relics close to the wearer’s heart. It became widely popular in the 19th century during the Victorian era. It was during this time that the lockets evolved into a fashion accessory and women started to wear lockets with portraits of their loved ones.

1. Victorian Era Fashion: When Lockets were Emblems of Love

The Victorian era is often defined by its romanticism, and locket necklaces played a significant role in this. It was during this time that the locket evolved into a fashionable statement. Women of this era would wear large, intricately crafted lockets that held portrait photographs of their loved ones. As a result, lockets became an emblem of love and affection. The style was often complemented by long, flowing dresses with elaborate corsets.

2. The Art Deco Era: A Modern take on Vintage Lockets

The Art Deco period, a time between the 1920s and 1930s, marked a shift towards more modern and geometric styles. It saw the evolution of lockets with intricate geometric patterns, pearls, and crystals, making them suitable for the more free-spirited and independent women of the time. They would often wear shorter dresses and loose-fitting clothes that complemented the geometric patterns of their lockets. The locket necklace was still being worn, albeit in a more modern fashion.

3. 60s and 70s Fashion Trends: The Bohemian Look

The 60s and 70s marked the rise of the bohemian aesthetic. Lockets during this time became simpler in design, with leather chains, natural stones, and beads as added features. The low-maintenance bohemian style meant that women were often seen wearing simple white dresses, vests, denim skirts, and other loose, flowy clothes. The locket necklace was often paired with other jewelry, such as long dangling earrings, stacked bracelets, and chain belts, all in accordance with the bohemian trend.

4. 90s and Early 2000s Fashion: Grunge and Minimalism

The 90s and early 2000s marked the rise of grunge and minimalism. Lockets during this time began to take a much more minimalist approach, with simpler chains and small, discreet pendants. In keeping with the grunge aesthetic, locket necklaces were often paired with ripped jeans, oversized flannel shirts, and chunky boots. As minimalism took over in the late 2000s, lockets remained relevant, but with an even greater emphasis on simplicity and elegance.

5. Modern-Day Fashion: A Locket for Every Occasion

Lockets have been reimagined since their origin. They remain to be popular with modern fashionistas who love to mix and match locket necklaces with other modern styles. From minimalist geometric lockets to intricately engraved lockets, there is one for every occasion. It has become common for women to wear lockets that align with their style; they may even swap lockets based on the event. It’s not uncommon to see lockets adorned with birthstones, adding personality and flair to every look.

A locket necklace is an ensemble must-have. It can be paired up with various outfits, ranging from chunky knits to smart blazers. As lockets remain a timeless classic, they have a place in the modern-day fashion world.

The Benefits of Wearing a Locket

  • Lockets serve as a great conversation starter as they can provide a glimpse into the wearer’s personal life.
  • It is a versatile accessory that can complement a wide range of outfits and styles.
  • Lockets make very thoughtful gifts as they can hold sentimental value and tell a personal story of love, family, or friendship.

Customer Review: What’s Hot!

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Lockets are a classic and timeless jewelry piece. From intricately crafted vintage designs to modern minimalist styles, lockets have come a long way since their origin. No matter what style you prefer, there’s a locket out there for you. So, whether you’re looking to imply sophistication, elegance, or simplicity into your outfit, let the locket be your go-to accessory for every occasion!

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